Conan the Barbarian bust (3D printed)

Been wanting to do this guy for a while now, finally got around to it :)

Sculpted digitally in ZBrush, and then 3D printed by myself on my CR-10S 3D printer. A lot of physical post processing work was done with this one: sanding, mainly, to get a smoother finish.

If you want to print your own Conan the Barbarian bust (or just take a look at the files) you can download it at

David ostman conan bust 1
David ostman conan bust 2

3D printed Conan the Barbarian bust

David ostman conan body supports 1

Upper part just finished printing.

David ostman conan sword

Sword part of the base printed. This was printed concurrently on my second printer, in another filament colour.

David ostman conan sanded 01

Having sprayed with filler primer and spent a while wet-sanding.

David ostman conan primed 01

A coat of grey primer, this was later covered in black.